Bowel cancer stories

Bowel screening changes lives – for some people it means early diagnosis, for others it is simply peace of mind.

These stories show the importance of bowel screening for everyone aged 50 to 74, and why early detection makes a difference.

Alan's bowel cancer story

Alan had no bowel cancer symptoms. After receiving his bowel screening kit in the mail and doing the test, however, a tumour in his bowel was detected.

Watch his story and learn the importance of early detection and why bowel cancer screening saved Alan's life.

Andreas' bowel screening story

Andreas and his wife took the bowel screening test to stay healthy together.

Find out why he is encouraging everybody aged between 50 and 74 to do the test when they receive it in the mail.

Jane's bowel screening story

Jane has a family of cancer survivors. For her, screening for bowel cancer means having peace of mind.

She is encouraging more women over the age of 50 in NSW to take the test.

Fiona's bowel screening story

Fiona did her bowel screening test when she received it in the post. It came back positive, but for her fortunately there was no cancer.

She wants more people over the age of 50 to learn about bowel screening and make sure they are up to date.

Jonathan’s bowel screening story

Jonathan is a paramedic, but he was apprehensive when he first received his bowel screening kit in the mail. It sat in his cupboard for a few months, but doing the test means he’s less worried now.

Darryl's story

Darryl was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. He is urging people not to put off doing the test – screening and early detection can mean less treatment.

Virginia’s bowel screening story

Virginia is a mother and grandmother. She didn’t think she needed to do the test, but bowel screening is important for everyone over the age of 50.

Mick’s bowel screening story

Mick knows cancer is something that everyone has to be aware of, especially men and women over the age of 50.

Doing the bowel screening test means staying happy and healthy with his young family.

Peter’s bowel screening story

Peter is feeling good, but he screens for bowel cancer every two years. He’s done it five times now. Bowel screening is important for all of our multicultural communities.

Gary's bowel cancer story

Gary was diagnosed with bowel cancer — he shares his story from screening to diagnosis to recovery.

Gary now encourages other people over 50 to participate in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) and talk to their GP if they have any concerns. 

Find out why it is important to screen for bowel cancer.

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