Greg's lung cancer story

Greg had always been fit and a hard worker, but after 41 years of smoking his habit reached 50 cigarettes a day.

The day he coughed up blood was the day he decided enough was enough - he quit. Shortly after, a severe coughing episode convinced Greg it was time to go to the doctor.

He was diagnosed with emphysema and a CT scan confirmed he had lung cancer.

He was referred for a breathing test which determined he was fit to undergo surgery to remove the tumour.

For the next 15 days he underwent 18 treatments.

Meet Greg

Greg's smoking habit

Greg knew that smoking was killing him. Smoking causes lung cancer and an array of other diseases. In Australia, tobacco smoking causes about 90% of lung cancer in men and 65% in women.

Greg quits smoking

Greg decided to quit after being unwell for a period of time. Quitting smoking at any time is a positive change. Even after a lung cancer diagnosis, quitting smoking further improves the chance of survival.

Get support to quit and stay quit.

Greg's lung cancer diagnosis

Greg experienced symptoms but did not seek medical attention straight away. The chance of surviving lung cancer is best when the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.

Know the signs and listen out for lung cancer.

Greg's lung cancer treatment

Following a breathing test, it was determined Greg was fit for surgery. Had Greg continued to smoke, he might not have been fit for surgery. Lung cancer can be treated, and surgery markedly increases the chance of survival for people with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Find out more about lung cancer treatment.

Greg's life after lung cancer

Greg's chance of survival increased substantially after undergoing surgery. In NSW, only about 21% of people diagnosed with lung cancer live for at least 5 years after diagnosis. If lung cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and is suitable for surgery, surgery can improve the 5-year survival rate to around 66%.

Get more information on lung cancer survival in NSW.

Greg has recently celebrated his 5-year anniversary since diagnosis and is happy he has been able to walk his three grandchildren to school.

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