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A Knight (Lead)

G Delaney

A Girgis

K McDonald


To improve the timeliness of communication to GPs from cancer services about their patients and to explore and implement appropriate technological solutions to facilitate timely communication from cancer services to GPs.


An expert reference panel was convened to determine the improvement aim, the improvement measures and suggest ideas for improvement.  The panel developed a process map of the current approach to writing to GPs.  A microteam was convened to use the map to improve the process using the Langley and Nolan Model for Improvement.  Through a series of rapid improvement cycles ideas were tested and implemented to decrease the time from specialist cancer consultation to GP receipt of specialist letter.  Technological solutions such as secure messaging, direct faxing and voice recognition dictation were explored.


The improvement process will continue from August to October 2014.  The process map will be shared together with run charts of the improvement measures.


Quality Improvement is a useful paradigm for working with primary and secondary care to improve integration through improved communication.