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A Arnold (Lead)

G Bell

K Masters


To develop a reliable and secure access portal to patient care applications to improve clinician accessibility, facilitating improved patient management and more efficient support for clinical decisions.


Opportunity existed to purchase an add-on to the cancer system IT infrastructure to connect remote users to the system with adherence to the key foundations of access, security and usability.

This gateway offered a possible alternative to the VPN access model. It offered opportunity to utilise an externally available single point of access to the various corporate applications.

A small team was assembled to explore the gateway as an alternative to the VPN access model.


Initial pilot testing began within Cancer Services. Early indications were unanimously positive, and this cancer only access pilot was promptly expanded to additional clinical patient management applications.


The gateway provides every service in NSW a method of increasing mobility and remotely accessing their critical applications anytime, anywhere.

The success of this pilot project will transform the entire ISLHD remote access portal to this same system, thus further providing sustainability into the future.