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Differences in cancer survival by socioeconomic status have not reduced despite increases in overall cancer survival in NSW. About 13.4% of cancer deaths could have been postponed if this socioeconomic disparity was eliminated.

Classifying patient socioeconomic status by the widely used Australian geographic unit, Local Government Area, underestimates survival disparities for several cancers compared to when socioeconomic status is classified at the geographically smaller census Collection District level.

This study provides evidence for differences in treatment and survival according to socioeconomic status for compensated Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma patients in NSW.

Despite the overall decline in lung cancer incidence among men in NSW over the past 25 years, there was a significant increase in disparity across socioeconomic areas in both relative and absolute terms.

There is a widening gap in comparative risk of cancer death by level of socio-economic disadvantage that warrants a policy response and further examination of reasons behind these disparities.