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Learn how cancer researcher Dr Andrew Care and his young team in Sydney are developing new biotechnology that could help deliver more targeted cancer treatments.

Key dates, guidelines and application forms for all open grants offered by the Cancer Institute NSW.

Grants are offered by the Cancer Institute NSW to support innovative projects and research that enable us to work collaboratively to lessen the impact of cancer in NSW.

Coming together for the Fellows’ Forum 2018, three NSW cancer researchers share how mentorship plays a role in their career, and how it is shaping their work.

The Institute supports clinical trials by providing the funding for resources, infrastructure and personnel within trial units and research institutions across NSW.

The Career Support Program is focused on attracting new cancer researchers to NSW, and supporting existing researchers to become more skilled and internationally competitive.

Health and community organisations working in cancer control can receive funding to implement initiatives for those at high-risk of cancer.

Grants are provided within the Research Infrastructure Program to ensure the capacity and quality of cancer research continues to expand in NSW.

Funding of translational cancer research ensures the research discoveries are translated into real life public benefit.

The Cancer Screening and Prevention Grants provide funding to organisations with a demonstrated interest in cancer control and experience in delivering health related community engagement projects. The focus of these grants is community and service-centred initiatives, not research proposals.