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Learn how this program provides funding to organisations working in cancer, health and other related services.

This grant program supports advanced trainees in diagnostic radiology to undertake clinical practice improvement through further training and research related to breast imaging.

Dr Angelica Merlot, a Sydney-based cancer researcher and Cancer Institute NSW fellow, is nominated for 2019 NSW Young Woman of the Year.

The Career Support Program is focused on attracting new cancer researchers to NSW, and supporting existing researchers to become more skilled and internationally competitive.

Access guidelines for the Cancer Institute NSW competitive Research Grant Schemes

Read about applying for research grants, including information about the grants management system, eligibility and how to communicate with the Institute about your application.

A new study is aiming to change the way ovarian cancer is treated in NSW, offering better outcomes for women with the disease.

All communications regarding grant applications and reporting are to be directed through the administering institution contacts (AIC). This will facilitate the timely and efficient receipt, assessment, awarding and management of grants.

Read information about variations to funding agreements.

Key dates and information for all open grants offered by the Cancer Institute NSW.