Ovarian cancer

Staying active

Ovarian cancer

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Taking part in some physical activity, no matter how small, has benefits when you have cancer.

There are people and organisations that can help you with this.

The benefits of exercise

There are many benefits to being active and doing physical exercise while you are having cancer treatment.

These include:

  • improving your mood and quality of life
  • strengthening your muscles, joints and bones
  • improving your energy levels
  • reducing some treatment side effects
  • improving your overall health and lowering the chance of other health problems.


If you are having treatment, just the thought of doing exercise may make you feel exhausted. Yet, if you are able to manage a small amount, you may find that your energy levels improve. Eventually, the amount of exercise that you can manage will increase.

If you are not sure whether an activity is suitable for you, ask your doctor or nurse.

Where to get help

There are people you can talk to for more information or support.

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