Don't Just Sit There

Who produced the campaign?

Cancer Council Victoria

Campaign description

The 'Don't Just Sit There' campaign was developed by Cancer Council Victoria in 2004, and was initially aired in NSW in 2007.

With the introduction of the National HPV Vaccination Program, the campaign was revised in 2008 to reinforce the need for women who have been immunised against HPV to continue to have two-yearly Pap tests. The campaign was subsequently rerun in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The campaign demonstrated the difference between the feeling of being uncomfortable during a Pap test and the feeling of being uncomfortable during the treatments for cervical cancer, which could involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

During the first campaign, 15% more cervical screens occurred than was expected for 2007 without the campaign. Screening increases were evident among both unscreened and underscreened women.

Women living in areas with traditionally low screening rates also showed a significant increase of 21% in mean weekly screens over that expected without the campaign.

Campaign target audience

Women aged 18–69 years.

Media channels

  • TV

  • Print

  • Radio