NSW PTR Electronic Messaging System

What was the project?

The NSW Cervical Screening Program implemented a project to assist General Practitioners (GPs) to implement a sustainable recall system for women in their practice who were overdue for cervical screening, called the NSW Pap Test Register's Electronic Reminder Service.

This project stopped following the changes to the National Cervical Screening Program from December 2017, and establishment of the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR).

Evidence suggests that women are more likely to have cervical screening if their doctor reminds them it is due. GPs, as well as practice reminder letters, have a major role to play in preventing cervical cancers.  

Within the project, the NSW Pap Test Register (PTR) identified women who have not had cervical screening in the 27 months since their last test, and sent a reminder letter.

In this project, a simultaneous secure HL7 electronic reminder message was generated for the woman's GP, informing the GP that the woman is overdue for cervical screening. These secure HL7 electronic reminder messages were delivered to participating practices on a weekly basis.

A self-directed online training program, developed in conjunction with Train IT Medical Pty Ltd, was available to all participating practices to support the use the NSW PTR electronic reminder service.

The National Cancer Screening Register now performs the functions of the NSW Pap Test Register.   

How effective was the project?

In 2015-2016, more than 640 practices registered for the NSW Pap Test Register's Electronic Reminder Service. 81,000 secure messages were sent to participating GPs.