Peace of Mind

Who produced this campaign?

Cancer Council Victoria

Campaign description

The Peace of Mind campaign was initially aired in 2011 and was repeated in 2013. The campaign was originally developed by the Cancer Council Victoria, based on research that indicated embarrassment as a significant barrier to women participating in regular cervical screening.

The campaign acknowledged how awkward it can be for a woman to have a Pap test and compared having a Pap test to other awkward things that women do. It also reinforced the need for women who have received the HPV vaccine to continue to have regular Pap tests to protect themselves against cervical cancer.

Evaluation of the campaign indicated that the number of Pap tests conducted in NSW during the 2011 campaign period increased by over 18,500 in comparison to the same period in 2010. The campaign performed well across all age groups with a measurable increase in women’s knowledge, awareness and change in behaviour. Similar results were seen in 2013, with data also showing an increase in the number of weekly Pap tests within Local Government Areas containing a higher proportion of non-English speaking populations.

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