Beat the cravings

Campaign overview

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‘Beat the Cravings’ takes every hour of the day and aligns it to a commonly experienced craving trigger moment.

The concept then shows that our services (iCanQuit and Quitline) are here to help you get through that craving moment.

With a supportive and empathetic tone the campaign increases the achievability of quitting by doing three things:

  1. Breaking quitting down into small, achievable chunks ––‘just focus on the here and now, get through one craving at a time’
  2. Increasing awareness that there are multiple smoking cessation support services available to help get through each craving ( and Quitline).
  3. Provides actionable tactics that can be implemented to help overcome cravings as they arise, such as using nicotine replacement therapy or going for a walk.
Beat the cravings: 8AM - Going to work
Beat the cravings: 3PM - On my break
Beat the cravings: 5PM - Heading home

Campaign audience

All adults who smoke in NSW. Estimated to be approximately 880,000 people (2020).

Priority populations: 

  • Aboriginal people aged 18+ who smoke.
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) people aged 18+ who smoke. Specifically, Hindi-, Arabic-, Cantonese-, Mandarin-, and Vietnamese- speaking people who smoke.
  • People in regional and rural areas aged 18+ who smoke


Campaign objectives

Impact objective:

Contribute to a decrease in daily smoking prevalence.

Outcome objectives:


  • Quitting intentions
  • Quitting attempts

Campaign overview - 'New Year, New You'

We know through research and social listening insights that the New Year is a peak quitting period for people who smoke, with people having a mindset of making personal commitments or goals.

To leverage this heightened relevancy, the Cancer Institute NSW is planning a tactical campaign push to encourage people to quit smoking.

New Year, New You

Campaign assets

The ‘New Year, New You’ campaign aims to support adults 18+ who smoke to keep their new year resolution to quit smoking, driving them to the support services. We welcome everybody’s help in promoting the campaign and messages – if you are interested, please share the assets below or reach out to the team.

Download 'New Year, New You' campaign toolkit flyer (PDF)


Social media videos

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