Quit stalling

Campaign overview

Quit Stalling is a new anti-tobacco campaign that aims to create a sense of personal susceptibility to smoking related illness – both short and long term, with the ultimate aim of motivating a quit attempt now.

There are two versions of this campaign, each with a different target audience.

Target audience: Women

The campaign is targeted at female smokers aged 35-54 years in NSW with a skew toward low socio-economic status and regional areas.

This final campaign of the Anti-Tobacco 2017/18 Campaign programme is scheduled to run for 4 weeks from Sunday 3 June – 30 June 2018 with a channel mix across radio, out of home and social media in metro and regional locations.

The campaign coincides and leverages the male 18-34 years ‘Quit Stalling’ campaign which runs from Sunday 20 May – 30 June 2018.

Target audience: Men

Quit Stalling is a campaign targeting young male smokers aged 18 to 34 years in NSW. Young male smokers are targeted as their smoking rates are higher than the general population.

The campaign is live in NSW from 20 May – 30 June 2018 with a comprehensive channel mix across online video, traditional and digital radio, out of home, gym media and social media in metro and regional.

Campaign description

The creative approach for both target audiences’ works to remind smokers of their desire to quit and of the times they had previously said they would. It encourages smokers to get real with themselves about their promises to quit, and to make a serious attempt:

“You know you will quit one day. Quit stalling. Quit today.”

Creative executions reflect the three key universal motivators for quitting – family, health and finance.

The Cancer Institute NSW worked in partnership with Cancer Council Victoria (Quit Vic) to jointly produce the Quit Stalling campaign.  The creative agency was Three Wise Men. The Campaign launched for the first time in both NSW and Victoria in April 2017.