2022/23 ‘Arrows’ Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign Toolkit

A young woman wearing a sun protective hat and sunglasses looks up to the sky

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Campaign overview

Cancer Institute NSW is delivering the 2022/23 ‘Arrows’ campaign using a combination of hard-hitting and supportive creative assets. The campaign aims to increase sun protection behaviours among young people to reduce their lifetime risk of developing skin cancer. The campaign demonstrates the scale and danger of UV rays by depicting them as illuminated ‘Arrows’ hurtling down from above, transforming it into a tangible and ever-present threat.

The campaign is live from 13 November 2022 to 6 March 2023 and is being delivered across a range of mass media channels, including social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram), YouTube, digital display, cinema, music apps and outdoor advertising.

Watch the 'Arrows' campaign video


Why we need a campaign

Overexposure to UV radiation is estimated to cause over 95 per cent of skin cancers in Australia.[1] Fortunately, primary prevention behaviours – including slipping on protective clothing, slopping on SPF50+ sunscreen, slapping on a broad brimmed hat, seeking shade, and sliding on sunglasses – are highly effective in reducing the risk of developing skin cancer.[2] A campaign is needed to encourage young people to make these life-saving behaviours part of their daily routine.

There is good evidence supporting the positive impacts of skin cancer prevention campaigns. A 2016 study of three skin cancer prevention campaigns delivered by the Cancer Institute NSW between 2006 and 2013 found they contributed to an estimated 13,174 fewer skin cancers and 112 averted deaths.[3]


Campaign audience

The campaign will target 18–24 year olds in NSW. This group is particularly at risk as they are less likely to protect their skin from the sun than the general population.[4]

Melanoma is the leading cancer among young Australians.

Key campaign messages

  • Melanoma is the most common cancer among young Australians.[5]
  • If you could see UV radiation, you would protect your skin.
  • Be prepared before you go outdoors.
  • Protect your skin in five simple ways: Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, and Slide.


Campaign assets

The 2022/23 ‘Arrows’ campaign combines hard-hitting ads that warn young people about the dangers of UV radiation with supportive ads that remind them how, when and where to protect their skin. Together, they aim to motivate young people to protect their skin from harmful UV radiation.

Please use our assets below to help promote the campaign.


Social media tiles

Arrows campaign social media tiles

Social media videos

Examples of Arrows social media videos to download

'Arrows' Protect Your Skin From UV video

Screenshot from the Arrows campaign video


Arrows campaign posters to download


Further information



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