Melanoma Information campaign

In summer 2005/06, Bondi lifesavers delivered the message that melanoma kills and the importance of using sun protective measures that reduce one's risk of melanoma.

Fourteen shirtless Bondi lifesavers stood on the beach with the message 'Melanoma Kills' painted on their backs, before then putting on shirts with the words 'Slip! Slop! Slap!' spelt out.

The Campaign aimed at reawakening Australians to the dangers of skin cancers and providing them with important information about how to assess their risk of getting a melanoma. People living in NSW have among the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

What are your chances of getting a Melanoma that can kill you?

Anyone can develop Melanoma, but the risk factors are increased for people who have:

  • fair skin that burns easily
  • many freckles and/or moles
  • a history of repeated sunburn, especially in childhood and adolescence
  • a family history of melanoma

The Campaign aimed to increase awareness of the importance of sun protection, and the causes and preventative measures for melanoma.

Protect your skin in five ways:

  1. Seek shade, especially during peak UV period (10am –to 2pm or 11am –to 3pm during daylight saving). It is best to avoid the sun during these times.
  2. Wear sun protective clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible, especially your shoulders, arms and legs.
  3. Wear a broad brimmed hat that protects the face, neck and ears.
  4. Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before heading outdoors and then reapply every two hours.
  5. Wear sunglasses that fit the face well and wrap around the sides of your face.