Wes Bonny testimonial


The Wes Bonny Testimonial Campaign tells the true story of a 26 year young man who died of melanoma in March 2010. Wes’ story demonstrates that melanoma does affect young people. It also acknowledges that people know how to protect themselves from the sun, they just need to be more vigilant about sun protection.

Melanoma is one of the most serious cancers affecting our young people. The Wes Bonny Testimonial campaign tells the true story of Wes Bonny, who at the young age of 26 died of melanoma. The campaign features Wes' parents, brothers and friends who recount their experiences of Wes' life, diagnosis and death.

The strength of Wes' story is that he was an average Australian. He, with his family and friends, did things that many young Australians do, such as playing sport, going to the beach and enjoying the iconic outdoor Australian lifestyle.

Wes' story closely reflects the facts communicated in the Dark Side of Tanning campaign. When Wes was 23 years old he was diagnosed with a melanoma of 1.4 mm on his neck. The melanoma was removed but it was already in his bloodstream and later spread to his brain.

Two 30 second radio commercials:

  • Radio ad - Wes Bonny's father
  • Radio ad - Wes Bonny's friend

You can reduce your risk by protecting your skin when you're outdoors. Like most people, you probably know how to protect yourself from the sun. Wes Bonny's experience challenges you to be more vigilant about your sun protection behaviour.

For more information about melanoma and skin cancer, the effects of overexposure to the sun and sun protection, visit http://www.darksideoftanning.com.au.