Goal 2: To improve access to adequate shade

Shade can provide a protective environment and ‘good quality’ shade has been shown to reduce UVR exposure by up to 75 per cent.

In line with international policies, this goal of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy aims to ensure NSW residents have access to shade in the following priority settings:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Workplaces
  • Recreation
  • Healthcare services

Over the next five years, access to adequate shade by all NSW residents will be supported by:

  • strategic efforts to improve awareness and understanding of what constitutes adequate shade among NSW residents and representatives of priority settings and populations
  • strategic efforts to improve awareness and understanding of variation in shade availability, and drivers of variance across NSW
  • development and implementation of a NSW Shade Action Plan
  • continued research, promotion and expansion of shade grant opportunities across key agencies and rebate programs, where available
  • collaborative work with NSW Government and local governments to ensure shade principles are included in relevant planning documents and policies so it becomes an increased priority when upgrading outdoor spaces, with a specific focus on priority settings and areas frequented by priority populations
  • collaborative work with relevant industry bodies to raise awareness of the importance of shade among urban planners and designers.

Data and information will be used to monitor and evaluate progress against this goal under the Strategy, including evaluation of individual campaigns, programs and interventions.

View the Strategy for a detailed outline of the strategies and prioritised actions against each of the objectives within Goal 2.