Implementing, monitoring and evaluating the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy


Implementation of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy will continue to rely on collaborative efforts and partnerships led by the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee was established with the 2012–15 Strategy and will continue to coordinate the implementation of skin cancer prevention activities across NSW, particularly those identified in the Strategy and to plan future skin cancer prevention efforts in NSW.

A number of small working groups have been tasked with implementation of activities in a number of key focus areas:

  • Public Education Working Group
  • School Education Working Group
  • Workplaces Working Group
  • Sport and Recreation Working Group
  • Primary Care Working Group
  • Shade Provision Working Group

Research and evaluation will be covered by all working groups. Lead NSW government agencies will be identified for each working group. A range of collaborating agencies and non‑government organisations will work alongside lead agencies to facilitate progress towards goals.

The Cancer Institute NSW, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, will oversee progress of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy.

View Appendix 3 for more information about how strategic partnerships will support an integrated approach to skin cancer prevention activities in NSW.

Evaluation and monitoring

The Cancer Institute NSW, with advice from the Advisory Committee, will monitor the progress of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy through:

  • development of a NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy Performance Index
  • development of an evaluation framework
  • reporting progress against goals.

Reporting against goals will be used for the regular monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy. Reports will include:

  • annual progress reports on skin cancer prevention activities by Advisory Committee member organisations and working groups
  • a mid‑term report (2018) on impacts of the Strategy
  • a final evaluation (2020) on achievements against the stated outcomes of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy. The final evaluation will be based on program monitoring tools, as well as from strategic research activities designed to supplement knowledge about skin cancer prevention issues.