Identify your skin type

Everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to the sun. By knowing how sensitive you are to burning, you will be able to take better precautions to protect your skin.

What’s my skin type?

Match your skin to the colour that best resembles your own.

Type 1: Always burns easily, extremely sun sensitive
Type 2: Always burns easily, very sun sensitive

Skin types 1 and 2 are at greatest risk of developing skin cancer, so make sure to be vigilant about protecting your skin. For these skin types, UV damage may occur even when UV levels are below 3. Check your skin regularly, be aware of any changes and see a doctor if you notice anything.


Type 3: Sometimes burns, minimally sun sensitive
Type 4: Burns minimally,  minimally sun sensitive

Skin types 3–5 can become darker with sun exposure. This is your skin’s way of signalling UV damage which can lead to skin cancer.  Always protect your skin from the sun whenever the UV index is 3 and above.


Type 5: Rarely burns, skin not sensitive to sun
Type 6: Never burns, deeply pigmented, skin not sensitive to sun

Skin type 6 offers more protection against UV radiation than other skin types, but skin cancers can occur in people with very dark skin. Your eyes are vulnerable to damage from UV radiation, so wear a hat and sunglasses and avoid excessive exposure.