Stage Three teaching resources

The Stage Three (Years 5 and 6) resources provide opportunities to incorporate sun safety content and outcomes across the Stage Three PDHPE and Science and Technology syllabuses through cross-curricular and project based learning pedagogical approaches.

Using an investigation of safe practices relating to the sun and the skin, students will use critical thinking skills and research, evaluate, investigate, design and communicate to explore strategies that can be effectively implemented to make their world safer from UV radiation.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the promotion of sun safety, investigate myths relating to sun protection, develop an understanding of how UV behaves and how it impacts the skin, explore the factors that influence skin cancer development, develop innovative shade designs, and more.

Teachers can choose between pathways that enable either a student-centred design that allows discovery via a range of stimulus activities, or a teacher-directed module that encourages student collaboration. Teachers are encouraged to use appropriate resources to suit the end goal.

Stage statements for the Science and Technology and PDHPE syllabuses can be found here:

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Download a single file containing all the resources for Stage Three​:

3. Complete package of teaching resources

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Alternatively, download individual resources:

3.a. Unit Program

Provides the overview of the whole Unit with guidance on the different ways to use the resources, as well as listing all resources for the Stage.


3.b. SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook version of the Unit Program.

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3.c. Unit PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint version of the Unit Program.

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Worksheets, information sheets and infographics


3.1.a. Gallery walk worksheet

GRAB AND GO! The Gallery walk worksheet gives a taste of all the content for Stage Three.


3.2.1.g.  Research flowchart


3.2.2.e. I used to think, but now I think


3.2.3.c. Behind the news: sun safety worksheet


3.3.1.e Shade design planning considerations


3.4.c. Bloom’s taxonomy: make sun fun safe


PowerPoint presentations

3.1.d. Introduction to specialists


Videos and animations

3.1.c. Introduction to specialists

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3.2.4.b. UV radiation and how it damages your skin

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3.2.4.g. What are SPF and UPF?

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3.3.2.a. How to enjoy the outdoors safely

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 3.3.3.b. The UV index explained

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3.3.4.c. What are SPF and UPF?

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All resources

3. Complete package of teaching resources

A single file that contains all the resources for Stage Three.

Download (.zip - File Size: 692MB)

* Please note that larger file sizes may take longer to download.

More information

More information

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