Resources available for health promotion activities

Discover what cervical screening resources are available to support local activities.

Resources from Cancer Institute NSW's Cervical Screening Program

Contact Cancer Institute NSW at to order free of charge any of the following resources.

Cervical Screening Flipchart and Facilitator Manual

The flipchart has been developed by the Cancer Institute NSW as a tool to assist in providing information on cervical cancer and cervical screening particularly those eligible to participate in the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP).

The flipchart is accompanied with a facilitator’s guide to support you in delivering cervical screening education to your community.



Cervical Screening Promotional Merchandise

Cervical screening promotional materials


Video: Your Guide to Cervical Screening for Aboriginal Women


Resources from the National Cervical Screening Program

A range of resources have been developed by the National Cervical Screening Program to help you promote cervical screening including self-collection and support your discussions with Aboriginal women which can be ordered for free via the NCSP website.

The suggested resources may not be available in a hard copy, so you may have to print the electronic version. You may need to consider printing costs.

Video: Overview of the National Cervical Screening Program


Factsheet and poster on the National Cervical Screening Program



Self-collection visual guide 

Visual Guide for Cervical Screening Test - how to collect your own sample

Download the visual guide >


Video: How to take your own Cervical Screening Test 



Resources from State and Territory Partners

Other cervical screening resources have been developed and these can be downloaded for free on the following links below.

WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program’s quiz activity for cervical screening

WA Cervical Screening Quiz Activity Template

Access the PDF >