Repeat the test in 12 months

Repeat the test in 12 months

Your Cervical Screening Test shows that you do not need further investigation straight away, but you need to have another test in 12 months. This is because you have a HPV infection – which is likely to clear itself up within 12 months. The test in 12 months checks that the infection has gone and your next Cervical Screening Test will be in five years.

If the test you have in 12 months shows that you still have HPV, you may need to visit a specialist for different tests.

Why did I get this result?

This result means that the laboratory found HPV and then checked your sample for unusual changes. They might have found low-grade changes or no changes at all. Low-grade changes can clear up without needing treatment.

Your repeat test in 12 months will check whether the HPV infection has cleared up, and make sure your cells did not continue to grow unusually. 

What is HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus, a common infection that can cause cervical cells to change. Eventually, over many years and in rare cases, this can lead to cervical cancer.