Cancer clinical trials in NSW

Clinical trials test new cancer treatments or other ways of improving cancer care. Cancer clinical trials are available in facilities across NSW.

Cancer clinical trials in NSW

Ending cancers as we know them includes strengthening research capacity and making cancer clinical trial accessible to all, wherever they live.

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to supporting cancer clinical trials through funding and strong partnerships with research professionals and communities. Built on equity, person-centredness and collaboration principles, we

  • Invest in cancer research infrastructure
  • Enhance access to and participation in cancer clinical trials
  • Build the capability of the clinical trials workforce

Clinical trials at a glance

Clinical trials are a type of research study involving people who volunteer to test new ways to treat, care, and improve people’s health. Successful clinical trials can lead to new treatments and care for patients.

Clinical trials may:

  • compare a new treatment to a standard treatment that is already available,
  • compare a new treatment to a placebo that contains no active ingredients, or
  • study a new treatment without a comparison.

What do clinical trials do?

Clinical trials are used to find out if a treatment or care:

Safe to use icon
Is safe to use

Side effects icon
Has any side effects

Works better than standard treatment icon
Works better than a standard treatment

Makes you feel better icon
Makes you feel better

Without clinical trials, researchers would not be able to find better ways to care for people with cancer or other health conditions.

Diagram of the types of clinical trials

Involvement in clinical trials

Medical breakthroughs are the result of the work of many people willing to devote time and energy toward a greater good. They include doctors, heath care professionals, and patients.

Participation in clinical trials benefits both patients and community.  

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Safety during a clinical trial

Clinical trials are carefully designed by scientists and doctors, and they must be approved by an ethics committee before they can start recruiting patient volunteers. The approval ensures the research is performed in a way that protects the rights and welfare of the participants.

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