Applying for clinical trials funding

The Cancer Institute NSW supports Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and private sites to conduct cancer clinical trials in NSW.

Funding for clinical trials includes combining a population-based approach (core funding) and a supplementary payment for participants recruited to the Cancer Institute NSW clinical trials Portfolio of Trials. Cancer Institute Portfolio trials are high quality non-industry sponsored trials.

Clinical trials strategy and goals

Clinical trials funding model

Clinical Trials funding

The core principle for the Institute's clinical trials funding is to support clinical trials for people with cancer in NSW.

Conditions of funding are:

  • Clinical trial units report all trial activity via the Cancer Institute NSW Clinical Trials Portal. The purpose of collecting information through the Portal is to enable the Institute to report accurately on the cancer clinical trial operating environment in NSW. Operational data are reported frequently on trial sites, Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and private institutions with NSW benchmarks to facilitate performance improvement. 
  • Clinical trial units participate in the Cancer Institute NSW data quality review  process at least once during the funding period and more frequently if required as an outcome of the initial review.
  • Submission of the clinical trial protocol upon request for determination on Portfolio eligibility and classification.
  • Submission of an annual progress report.