Consideration for taking part in a clinical trial

The decision to join a clinical trial is personal. Anyone interested in joining a trial should not feel pressured and  should be comfortable asking the research team questions about the trial intervention, tests and any associated expenses.

Participation in a clinical trial has the potential to impact the person's wellbeing as well as many others affected by the same or a similar medical condition.



Tick iconMay treat or control the cancer and improve the participant's health.

Tick iconAccess to the newest treatment and care before it is available to the general public.

Tick iconHelp discover new or better ways to treat cancer in the future.

Tick iconAllow participants to have an active role in their healthcare.

Tick iconParticipants may be monitored closely by the trial team.


Cross iconThe treatment or care being tested may not work.

Cross iconThe participant may experience side effects.

Cross iconParticipation may required additional treatment, hospital visits or tests.

Cross iconParticipation may require extra time and commitment, increasing associated costs, such as travel and parking.


What should I ask my clinical team?

The following questions may be helpful to ask. Answers to some of these questions may already be provided in the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (PICF).

  • What is the trial  studying and how is it different from the usual treatment or care for my cancer?
  • Does the trial treatment aim to treat or control my cancer? 
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of the proposed treatment?
  • Has this treatment been used before?
  • How long will the trial last?
  • Am I eligible for travel or other assistance if I live in remote or rural areas?
  • Will my healthcare insurance change? 
  • How will my privacy be protected?
  • Can I still have other treatments or herbal medicines?
  • Where is the clinical trial taking place?
  • Will the clinical trial affect the cost of my treatment?
  • Who is the main doctor looking after me while I am on the trial?
  • Who will be my main contact for support?
  • How will my General Practitioner or other health care professional be involved?