Our clinical trials funding program

The Cancer Institute NSW invests significantly in clinical cancer trials that are independent of, but complement, industry clinical trials, to support the rapid translation of new and innovative therapies into practice for the benefit of people with cancer.

In order to ensure these trials are of the highest quality and independent from industry, the majority of the Institute’s portfolio of trials are designed by cancer co-operative clinical trials groupsThese groups are made up of medical and research professionals that conduct trials across a range of cancers nationally. 

The Cancer Institute NSW supports these cancer clinical trials by providing funding and strategic support to Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and private institutions to undertake clinical trials. The Cancer Institute NSW does not conduct clinical trials.

Clinical trials funding model

Funds from the clinical trial program are allocated to the Directors of Cancer Services to support Local Health Districts to meet the goals set out in their strategic plan for clinical trials.

To ensure funding is distributed equitably to all Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks with cancer services, the proportion of core funding is based on the number of incident cases within the Local Health Districts or Specialty Networks and will account for approximately 25% of all funds.

The supplementary payment for participants recruited to Portfolio trials will account for the remaining 75% of the budget and will be available to any Local Health District, Specialty Network or private institution that recruit participants to Cancer Institute NSW Portfolio clinical trials.