Performance indicators

Performance indicators have been selected as measures of clinical trials' operational effectiveness and efficiency within clinical trial units and across Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and Private sites.

Performance indicators will be held stable over a 2 year period to facilitate trial site and Local Health District comparison against the aggregate of NSW performance over time:  

  1. Number of recruiting cancer clinical trials by trial category*
  2. Number of new enrolments on cancer clinical trials by trial category*
  3. Number of enrolled patients on Portfolio compliant trials.
  4. Proportion of recruiting cancer clinical trials* with nil patient enrolment in the reporting period.
  5. Ratio of newly enrolled patients per 100 incident cancer cases.
  6. Median Calendar Days from Human Research Ethics Committee Office (HREC) submission to HREC approval.
  7. Median Calendar Days from Research Governance Office (RGO) submission to RGO authorisation.
  8. Number of enrolled patients by total FTE.
  9. Median calendar days from site activation to first patient on trial.
  10. Recruiting to target. Number of newly-enrolled participants compared with site target enrolment for the trial.

*Trial categories: Portfolio, and Industry and non-Portfolio/non-Industry. 

All KPIs are reported for the reporting period (quarter) and year with benchmarks for the State. 

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