Professor Anne Cust

CanDLe Lead Researcher: Professor Anne Cust

Professor Anne Cust

Professor Anne Cust is a cancer epidemiologist, and Deputy Director of the Daffodil Centre, a joint venture between Cancer Council NSW and the University of Sydney. She is a Professor of Cancer Epidemiology in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney, and a Faculty member of the Melanoma Institute Australia.

Professor Cust and her research team will use the CanDLe datasets to conduct melanoma and other skin cancer research. Research themes include: 

  • prevention of skin cancer
  • identification of those at highest risk of melanoma
  • management of people with early melanoma and skin cancer
  • management of patients with advanced melanoma and skin cancer
  • improving quality of life of people diagnosed with melanoma and skin cancer
  • economic analysis to determine treatment pathways.

The research team will also develop ways to calculate the risk of melanoma outcomes, including overall survival, recurrence-free survival or development of a subsequent melanoma.