Electronic Pathology Solutions

The Cancer Institute NSW receives notification of cancer from various sources including hospitals, pathology laboratories and the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages under the Public Health Act 2010.

Pathology reports are an important source of information to verify the cancer diagnosis and capture specific tumour characteristics. This information is utilised to achieve cancer plan goals related to cancer surveillance, research and control.

Success in achieving these goals is dependent on the availability of timely, complete, and high quality data.

Current issues

Currently, many pathology laboratories in NSW follow a manual case ascertainment and reporting process to identify pathology reports for notifiable cancers. Once selectable pathology reports are identified, administrative staff at the laboratories manually print and send the reports to the Institute in paper format. 

When received by the Institute, all reports are scanned, and relevant information is then manually data entered into the NSW Cancer Registry system.

  • Case identification, cancer report selection, and manual submission of reports (print/mail/fax) are time consuming and resource intensive processes for the laboratories, possibly preventing them from meeting their reporting obligations.
  • Manual processes result in incomplete and/or incorrect reports, directly impacting the completeness of the incidence data, and the timeliness in which these data are available for use by researchers and health system planners.  

The Solution

The Electronic Pathology Solution (EPS) responds to all of the challenges resulting from the current process.  The solution replaces the current manual process, and has the functionality required to automatically ascertain the reports required to be submitted to the Cancer Registry under the Public Health Act. 

The solution ensures secure electronic transmission of these reports to the NSW Cancer Registry.  

The ultimate aim of this project is to enhance the completeness, timeliness, consistency and efficiency with which relevant pathology reports are identified and transmitted by the pathology laboratories, in addition to improving the mechanisms by which the reports are received and processed by the NSW Cancer Registry.

What’s in it for your pathology laboratory?

What’s in it for your pathology laboratory?

Electronic Pathology Solutions presents great benefits to pathology laboratories.

  • Saves staff time and effort - eliminates the need for human review of diagnostic reports and the manual forwarding of pathology reports to NSW Cancer Registry.
  • Facilitates real-time reporting and minimises reporting delays.
  • Enhances compliance with NSW cancer reporting requirements.
  • Provides consistent and accurate case finding by applying uniform selection criteria.
  • Standardises reports in a common format (HL7).

Move to the Electronic Pathology Solution

If you are interested in automating the process of cancer identification, filtering and secure delivery of cancer data from your pathology laboratory directly into NSW Cancer Registry, express your interest by contacting cinsw-cnp@health.nsw.gov.au.