How does EPS work?

Project Software: ePath Reporter uses a multi-purpose integration engine to connect with a pathology laboratory’s information management system (LIMS). This provides secure transport for the data between the laboratory and NSW Cancer Registry. 

The configuration allows identification and selection of pathology reports that contain cancer relevant information required for reporting to the NSW Cancer Registry. 

Private Pathology Laboratories

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Public Pathology Laboratories

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Project Stakeholders:

Cancer Institute NSW assumes overall governance over the implementation of the project.  The Institute pays for the computing infrastructure installed at the Pathology Laboratories.


  • Establishing guidelines for electronic cancer reporting
  • Defining reporting selection criteria
  • Procuring the computing infrastructure at the Pathology Laboratories. 
  • Scheduling IT resources for the software installation
  • Participating in the quality control benchmarking of report selection specificity and sensitivity for each participating Laboratory

Reporting Pathology Laboratories are the source of cancer data, in the form of pathology reports. 


  • Champion the implementation of EPS project at your facility
  • Schedule software installation
  • Establish secure remote network access for the vendor
  • Produce reports in a format suitable for EPS project

Inspirata, Canada formerly known as Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) is the developer and vendor of the ePath Reporter software.  Inspirata provides project management support and technical services to implement the automated cancer reporting system, including software installation and configuration and performance assessment. 


  • Prepare software configurations to match the integration requirements of laboratory.
  • Assist with the installation of software at the laboratory by remote network access
  • Prepare user and technical documentation for the laboratory
  • Assist the Institute to conduct benchmark quality control tests of cancer selection sensitivity and specificity at each laboratory 

Move to the Electronic Pathology Solution

If you are interested in automating the process of cancer identification, filtering and secure delivery of cancer data from your Pathology Laboratory directly into NSW Cancer Registry, express your interest via the form below.