How we invest in translational cancer research

The Cancer Institute NSW supports translational cancer research through the Translational Program Grants and the Accelerated Translational Research Grant. These large grants support multi-disciplinary research teams to rapidly translate cancer research into clinical programs and policy.

We also support a collaborative cancer research network focused on strategically building research capacity within the workforce and the health system. 

A new and expanded translational funding model, building on our research success

The NSW government, through the Cancer Institute NSW, established the Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC) Program in 2011. Its goal was to facilitate collaborations between clinicians and researchers, and support rapid translation of research findings from bench to bedside. 

The program invested in seven TCRCs with a successful result of: 

  • new and strengthened collaborations between researchers and clinicians;
  • a bridged gap between research and care, and; 
  • increased capacity for system-wide practice change. 

Building on the success of this program, from 1 July 2021, the Institute modified its translational cancer research funding model to increase its investment in the established Translational Program Grant. 
The improved funding model aligns translational cancer research capacity building with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s three recognised NSW Health Research and Translation Centres: Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE)NSW Regional Health Partners and Sydney Health Partners.

Maridulu Budyari Gumal
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The new model will bring together researchers, healthcare providers, education and training to strengthen cancer research capacity. Ultimately, this will drive improvements in cancer care and outcomes for people living with cancer across the state.

Key strengths of the expanded funding model

  • The creation of a NSW cancer collaborative network and state-wide educational strategy to increase research capacity 
  • Alignment with national strategies and approaches
  • Embedding cancer as part of a multi-disciplinary approach with other disciplines
  • NSW Translation Centres working together to break down administrative and geographical boundaries, with an expanded focus on equity of outcomes in regional and remote NSW
  • Adapting broader translational research benefits to the cancer sector 

The Cancer Institute NSW’s continued investment in translational research reaffirms our commitment as the largest funder of cancer research in NSW. Through our provision of grants, support for clinical trials and investment in cancer research, the Institute ensures people across NSW are provided with world class cancer treatment and care.