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Sydney Vital

Sydney Vital is one of seven Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery within a formal framework that links leading research and clinical centres.


Sydney Vital’s members come from a number of institutions and hospitals including:

Focus of centre

Sydney Vital aims to support new programs, new pathways for engaging and involving researchers and clinicians, new mechanisms for facilitating knowledge-exchange and collaboration, and new initiatives to increase engagement with GPs and patients.

Flagship programs

Sydney Vital has organised its research into the following Flagship Programs:

  • Inflammation in Cancer: to examine treatment-related inflammation, including harnessing this for better anti-cancer benefit
  • Translational Theranostics: bringing new theranostic pairs into clinical use by facilitating rapid translation from the design and pre-clinical testing phase into clinical trials and patient use.
  • Nano-Oncology: improved preoperative staging and better understanding of chemotherapy delivery

Sydney Vital encourages and promotes innovation and collaboration among preclinical and clinical researchers to support cancer research across the translational research pipeline.

More Information

Contact: Suzie Nguyen, Centre Manager


(02) 9926 4726