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Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre


The Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre (SW-TCRC) brings together over 500 expert clinicians and researchers in western Sydney to work together to accelerate the fight against cancer. We aim to create a connected professional community of cancer research and practice in western Sydney.

Our consortium of members brings together teams from:

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Focus of centre

The SW-TCRC aims to enhance current and future translational cancer medici

ne through a range of initiatives. This includes:

  • Embedding research as one of the core disciplines contributing to the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) based approach to cancer care
  • Providing support, training and development of the cancer workforce; and implementing and evaluating the impact of strategies to disseminate knowledge, and
  • Effecting practice change in the broader clinical community.

Flagship programs

The SW-TCRC has organised its research efforts into the following Flagship Programs:

  1. MDTs as Vehicles for Translational Research: Embedding research as a discipline in MDT-based cancer care.
  2. Personalised Therapy. High-throughput cancer tissue analysis for personalised therapy.
  3. HOTTeR West. HCC outcomes improvement through translational research in western Sydney.
  4. Health Data. Using emerging health data to impact on patient care.

The combination of activities in the SW-TCRC brings together our many clinical and research experts, and our trainees, to unite them around common goals and provide them with resources to do what they do best.

By getting the best we can from our human and technical resources, we will maximise our impact on reducing the burden cancer causes to our community.

More Information

Contact: Bronwyn Robertson, Manager


Phone: (02) 8890 9561 or (02) 8627 3053