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Translational Cancer Research Network

The Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) is one of seven Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery within a formal framework that links leading research and clinical centres.


The TCRN brings together researchers, clinicians and allied health professionals working in the cancer research community based in the South East of Sydney. TCRN member institutions include:

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Focus of the centre

The TCRN aims to find solutions to pressing issues in cancer research and care, and to deliver improved patient outcomes at every stage of the cancer journey.

Flagship programs

The TRCN has organised its research efforts into the following Flagship Programs.

  1. HSA Biobank and Translational Bioinformatics: infrastructure support for translational research.
  2. Clinical Improvements into Practice: focusing on haematological malignancies, MDTs and enhancing quality of care in surgical oncology.
  3. Continuum of Care: to develop and evaluate the implementation of primary health care and allied health engagement models across the continuum of cancer care.
  4. Hereditary Cancer: implement genetic testing into oncology health care effectively, safely, and with both provider and consumer buy in.
  5. 2025 Workforce and Capacity-Building: to develop a sustainable cancer workforce and build the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians.

The TCRN brings together expertise across all the cancer research and clinical practice domains, complements and supports them with infrastructure and research enablers to deliver the TCRN model of translational research.

More Information

Contact: Stephanie Macmillan, Program Manager 


Phone: (02) 9385 9394