Grant evaluation

Thorough evaluation of our grant programs (i.e. each grant type) ensures we are continually directing funding to where it is needed most.

Evaluation of grant programs is distinct from monitoring the progress and compliance of individual grantees. The purpose of evaluation is to assess the inputs, outputs and outcomes from the grant programs against the intended aims and objectives of each grant type, and the program as a whole.

This process is used to determine the relevance and relative success of grant programs, and to inform strategic decision-making regarding current and future programs.

Evaluation of programs will generally include wider expert input than just the relevant Grants Review Committee, and may include formation of a separate committee or working group with expert and stakeholder representation.

For particular grant types with large funding commitments, an expert evaluation committee may be formed to undertake mid-term and final progress reviews of individual grants as well, as provide an overall evaluation of the program.

An evaluation framework has been developed for all grant areas to guide key evaluation indicators for each grant type, and describe the data collection and evaluation methods.