Innovations in Cancer Control Grants 2022 Round

The Cancer Institute NSW Innovations in Cancer Control Grants 2022 Round will open on 25 July.

About the Innovations in Cancer Control Grants Program

The Innovations in Cancer Control Grants Program provides funding to Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks or Primary Health Networks. These organisations will undertake evidence-based projects that have the potential to be embedded in the health system and are sustainable past the funding period. The focus of these grants is service-centred initiatives; they are not for funding research projects.

The organisation must be a GST registered organisation with a demonstrated track record in cancer control or vested interest in improving cancer outcomes for specific groups in the community and be based in and providing services to the population of NSW. 

Eligible organisations include:

  • Local Health Districts
  • Specialty Health Networks
  • Primary Health Networks


The grant program aims to:

  • Assist health care professionals in transferring research outcomes into clinical practice  
  • Build upon evidence which is currently available (eg. publications, previous initiatives/projects, new optimal care pathways)
  • Enhance cancer service provision by working towards the goals of the NSW Cancer Plan.

Priority Areas

The priority areas for the Innovations in Cancer Control Grants 2022 Round include the following:

  1. Investigating Clinical Variation and Addressing Unwarranted Clinical Variation 
  2. Optimal Care Pathways. 


Applications must be submitted through the Cancer Institute NSW Grants Management System (GMS).

Applications close at 5:00pm on Friday, 2 September 2022​.

The project must commence in the 2022/23 financial year and be completed at the latest by 15 November 2024.

To apply for more than one grant in the same or different priority area, a separate application for each grant will need to be submitted through the GMS. Each project must have a different Project Lead.


Reporting Requirements

In accordance with the Cancer Institute NSW Competitive Grants Agreement, successful applicants must submit a Detailed Project Plan inclusive of an evaluation report (template to be provided), as well as Progress and Final Reports inclusive of financial reporting (to be completed online through the GMS), according to the schedule outlined in their agreement. 

Application Guidelines, GMS Application Template, GMS User Guide and FAQs

For enquiries, please email: