2019 Career Support Funds Granted

Find out more about the recipients of the 2019 Career Support Grants and their research projects.

In 2019, we funded $9.6 million across 20 fellowships, supporting both emerging and established cancer researchers in NSW.

2019 Career Development Fellowships

Career Development Fellowships are for mid-career researchers who demonstrate the potential to undertake research that will have major significance to cancer outcomes. 


Administering Institution Grantee Grant Title Funding (excl. GST)

The University of Sydney

Dr Lake-Ee Quek Exploiting vulnerabilities of prostate cancer lipid metabolism with precision: the use of stable isotope lipidomics to guide treatment strategy


University of New South Wales

Dr Michelle McDonald

Tumour-bone cell interactions: An opportunity to harness the microenvironment to overcome metastatic disease


University of New South Wales

Dr Christine Chaffer

Manipulating IL-1b/IL-1R1 signalling to inhibit breast cancer metastasis.


University of New South Wales

Dr Ozren Bogdanovic

Epigenetic regulation of germline cell fate during oncogenesis


University of New South Wales

Dr Fatima Valdes Mora

An epigenetic approach to target akuma-myeloid-derived suppressor cells in breast cancer


University of Newcastle

Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda

Development of a predictive test for p53 and its isoforms to aid the clinical treatment of breast cancer


University of New South Wales

Dr Mark McCabe

Non-invasive monitoring of tumour burden and therapeutic response through liquid biopsy and targeted gene capture


University of New South Wales

Dr George Sharbeen

A novel multi-cellular therapeutic approach targeting DNA repair in pancreatic cancer


University of Sydney

Dr Danuta Kalinowski

An Innovative Pharmacological Approach: The Development of Multi-Targeted Cancer Therapeutics



2019 Early Career Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships are aimed at encouraging researchers to build on their research capability and become leaders of their own research team.


Administering Institution Grantee Grant Title Funding (excl. GST)

The University of Sydney

Dr Emily Blyth

Development and clinical implementation of adoptive T cell therapies for haematological malignancies


University of New South Wales

Dr Andre Minoche

Defining the genomic and epigenetic landscape of high-risk paediatric cancer genomes using long-read sequencing


Cancer Council NSW

Dr Megan Smith

Optimising and Successfully Implementing Cervical Cancer Prevention Policies


University of New South Wales

Dr Marion Mateos

Clinical and genomic characteristics associated with symptomatic and severe venous thromboembolism in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia


University of New South Wales

Dr Matthew Field

Improving lung cancer outcomes with data-driven prognostic imaging biomarkers in a collaborative medical imaging network


University of New South Wales

Dr Lin Xiao

Mechanisms of CBL0137 and Panobinostat Interaction Underlying Their Curative Action in Neuroblastoma


The University of Sydney

Mr Pascal Steffen

Investigating the prognostic contribution of immune cell infiltration in rectal cancer


University of New South Wales

Dr Michael Jameson

ImproviNg brain cancer ouTcomes with mRi guidEd adaPtIve raDiotherapy (INTREPID)


University of Newcastle

Dr Danny Lee

MIRACLE (4D-MRI In Radiotherapy for AChieving tumour Localisation and Effective treatment)


University of Newcastle

Dr Elizabeth Fradgley

A multi-component implementation strategy to improve the evidence-based distress management practices of Australian cancer services: the effectiveness and cost of online Training and EducatioNal OutReach visits (The TENOR Trial)


Macquarie University

Dr Rebeca Sakuma

Colorectal Cancer Glycobiology: Unexpected Players In Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition And Inflammation