2022 Career Support Funds Granted

Find out more about the recipients of the 2022 Career Support Grants and their projects.

In 2022, we delivered almost $9.8 million across 19 fellowship grants, supporting both emerging and established cancer researchers.

Career Development Fellowships are for mid-career researchers who demonstrate the potential to undertake research that will have major significance to cancer outcomes. 

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Early Career Fellowships are aimed at encouraging researchers to build on their research capability and become leaders of their own research team.

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2022 Career Development Fellowships


Dr Frances Byrne

Dr Frances Byrne is one of seven researchers in NSW we supported in 2022 with a Career Development Fellowship.

Dr Byrne, from the University of NSW, is leading a fellowship to investigate new treatments for liver cancer – the second fastest growing cancer type in Australia, and the fastest growing cause of cancer deaths.

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Administering Institution Grantee Grant Title Funding (excl. GST)

Macquarie University

Associate Professor Reema Harrison Co-designing quality end of life care for culturally and linguistically diverse people with cancer


University of New South Wales

Dr Frances Byrne

Investigating the potential of a new mitochondrial uncoupler for the treatment of liver cancer


University of New South Wales

Dr Antoine de Weck

Identifying novel drug targets for paediatric oncology


University of New South Wales

Dr Ben Smith

Improving consistency and equity of care for fear of cancer recurrence through an evidence-based, culturally sensitive and implementation-ready clinical pathway


University of Sydney

Dr Jessamy Tiffen

Why are men more likely to die from cancer compared to women? A study of X-linked epigenetic regulators in melanoma


University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani

A vascularised lung-on-a-chip model for nanotoxicity testing


University of Wollongong

Dr Thuy Tran

Enabling next generation radiotherapy for cancer: Development of novel Quality Assurance instrumentation for Proton Therapy



2022 Early Career Fellowships


Dr Brooke Pereira

Dr Brooke Pereira is one of 12 researchers in NSW we supported in 2022 with an Early Career Fellowship.

Dr Pereira's fellowship will support her work in personalised medicine approaches for treating pancreatic cancer.

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Administering Institution Grantee Grant Title Funding (excl. GST)

University of Newcastle

Dr Rebecca Wyse The effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and acceptability of a digital health intervention to support breast cancer patients prepare for and recover from surgery: A randomised controlled trial


University of Newcastle

Dr Yuchen Feng Exploring long noncoding RNA vulnerabilities of metabolism for cancer treatment


University of Newcastle

Dr Heather Murray Targeting the spliceosome as a novel approach for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) therapy


University of New South Wales

Dr Brooke Pereira Personalised medicine approaches for anti-fibrotic targeting and Gemcitabine/Abraxane treatment in pancreatic cancer guided by intravital (in vivo) imaging


University of New South Wales

Dr Benjamin Daniels Leveraging big data for real-world evidence generation: Impact of multi-medicine use on bowel cancer treatment and survivorship outcomes


University of New South Wales

Dr Kendelle Murphy A personalised approach to uncoupling the tumour-stroma feedback loop using the phase II ready FAK inhibitor, AMP945, in combination with standard-of-care chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer guided by Merlin status


University of New South Wales

Dr Abbas Habibalahi

A novel imaging technology for non-invasive diagnostics of ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN)


University of Sydney

Dr Tess Reynolds

Improving quality of life for metastatic spine patients


University of Sydney

Dr Ines Silva

Matching optimal drug therapy to overcome organ-specific resistance to standard immunotherapy in melanoma


University of Sydney

Dr Hui Emma  Zhang

Understanding a unique enzyme family and a new therapeutic approach for primary liver cancer


University of Wollongong

Dr Saree Alnaghy

Bringing Colour to Radiotherapy: Developing Next-generation X-ray Imaging to Guide Radiotherapy


Western Sydney University

Dr Carolina Sandler

Improving management of post-cancer fatigue by facilitating access to evidence-based care.