2015 Research Equipment Grants Funded


Research Equipment Grants (REG)

Research Equipment Grants are directed to providing substantial funding for key research platforms, core equipment and capacities to enhance the cancer research effort in NSW. These grants will support capability development and greater levels of collaboration across the cancer research sector. Research Equipment Grants are open to members of Translational Cancer Research Centres.


Grant ID



Administering Institution

Translational Cancer Research Centre

Funding (ex GST)


A/Professor Mark Molloy

Platform for cancer drug monitoring and metabolite analysis supporting clinical and scientific cancer research

Macquarie University

Sydney VITAL



A/Professor Kevin Spring

Molecular barcoding of tissue specimens: setting new benchmarks in biobanking quality assurance and quality control in NSW

University of Western Sydney

Centre for Oncology, Education and Research Translation (CONCERT)



Professor Stephen Ackland

Live cell imager for enhancement of pre-clinical cancer studies in the Hunter Translational Cancer Research Centre

University of Newcastle

Hunter Translational Cancer Research Centre



Professor Xu Dong Zhang

High resolution fourier transform mass spectrometry platform for the discovery of novel cancer biomarkers and drug targets using label-free and isobaric-tagged approaches for quantitative proteomics.

University of Newcastle

Hunter Translational Cancer Research Centre



Professor Phillip J Robinson

An integrated in-cell cancer drug screening system

Children’s Medical Research Institute

Kids Cancer Alliance



Professor Peter Gunning

Using fluorescence to determine molecular pathogenesis, progression and treatment of cancer. A Zeiss 880 confocal multiphoton system with Airy detector and fluorescence lifetime capability.

University of New South Wales

Translational Cancer Research Network



Professor Paul de Souza

Cryogenic correlative light and immunoelectron microscopy using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) – a new way to look at cancer and its microenvironment.

University of New South Wales

Centre for Oncology, Education and Research Translation (CONCERT)



Professor Richard Lock

High-throughput five-laser flow cytometer for cancer research and cancer drug discovery

University of New South Wales

Kids Cancer Alliance



Professor Michelle Haber

A high content imager for identification of drugs for precision cancer medicine.

University of New South Wales

Kids Cancer Alliance



Professor Des Raymond Richardson

Biacore T200 Molecular Interaction Analysis System for the Open Access, Multi-Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility

University of Sydney

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Deborah Marsh

Streamlining specimen preparation for researchers from samples stored in biobanks

University of Sydney

Sydney Vital



Dr Dinny Graham

Covaris Evolution Adaptive Focused Acoustic Ultrasonicator for enhancement of cancer research within the Sydney West Hub

University of Sydney

Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre



Professor Peter Andrew Lay

Portable Infrared Spectroscopy Equipment for Cancer Diagnosis, Research into Prevention of Cancer by Understanding the Role of Diet, and for Drug Development and Studies on Efficacy.

University of Sydney

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Nico van Zandwijk

Expanding Basic, Clinical and Functional Genomic Cancer Research at Concord Campus

Asbestos Diseases Research Institute

Sydney Catalyst



Dr David Croucher

Harnessing multiplexing technology to advance personalised medicine.

Garvan Institute

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Chris Goodnow

Single Cell Genomics for Cancer Research

Garvan Institute

Sydney Catalyst



Dr Warren Kaplan

Standardised Genome Analyses for Every Cancer Researcher in NSW

Garvan Institute

Sydney Catalyst