2016 Research Equipment Grants Funded


Research Equipment Grants (REG)

Research Equipment Grants are directed to providing substantial funding for key research platforms, core equipment and capacities to enhance the cancer research effort in NSW. These grants will support capability development and greater levels of collaboration across the cancer research sector. Research Equipment Grants are open to members of Translational Cancer Research Centres.


Grant ID

Chief Investigator

Application Title

Administering Institution


Funding (ex GST)


Associate Professor Marcel Dinger

The Next Wave of Cancer Genomics: Resolving Complex Structural Variants and Tumour Heterogeneity with Linked Short-Read

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Minoti Apte

Superresolution light microscope for deep view functional analyses of cancer cells and their microenvironment: a springboard and partner technology for high resolution correlative microscopy studies in cancer research

The University of New South Wales




Professor Des Raymond Richardson

Fast Linear Laser Scanning Technology: The ZEISS LSM 800 Confocal Microscope for the Open Access, Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility

The University of Sydney

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Derek Hart

A high speed, multichannel fluorescence intravital microscope to provide state of the art imaging facilities essential to ANZAC/ADRI/Concord collaborative cancer research groups.

ANZAC Research Institute

Sydney Catalyst



Professor Peter Gunning

Single-objective selective plane illumination microscope (soSPIM)

The University of New South Wales




Professor Richard Lock

A Shared Mass Spectrometry Facility for Discovery and Quantitative Cancer Research, Proteomics and Lipidomics

The University of New South Wales

Kids' Cancer Network



Dr Viive Howell

Translational Cancer Research Facility for Pre-clinical image-guided focal radiotherapy

The University of Sydney

Sydney Vital



Professor William Price

Infrastructure for Developing MRI Contrast Agents for Cancer Imaging that Spans from Contemporary to Future Clinical Field Strengths

Western Sydney University