2022 Translational Research Grants Funded

Find out more about the recipients of the 2022 Translational Program Grants and their research projects.

In 2022, we supported three flagship Translational Program Grants, awarded to teams led by Professor Philip Hogg, Professor Glenn Marshall and Dr James Wilmott, with a total investment of more than $11 million. 

Professor Hogg is leading a world-first research program in theranostics – promising a new wave of cancer treatment.

Professor Marshall is aiming to give adolescent and young adults with sarcoma access to better diagnostic tests, therapy, and supportive care to strengthen cancer survivorship.

Dr Wilmott is developing a new, personalised approach to the use of immunotherapies which could radically change the way cancer treatments are selected for people with advanced cancers.

2022 Grant Recipients and Details


Professor Philip Hogg

Grantee: Professor Philip Hogg

Administering Institution: Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology

Grant Title: Clinical development of a self-amplifying pan-tumour theranostic

Funding (excl. GST): $3,694,716


Professor Glenn Marshall

Grantee: Professor Glenn Marshall

Administering Institution: University of New South Wales

Project: Improving outcomes for children and young adults with sarcoma

Funding (excl. GST):  $3,748,894


Professor James Wilmott

Grantee: Professor James Wilmott

Administering Institution: University of Sydney

Grant Title: Personalised Immunotherapy Program – Precision immunotherapies for multiple solid tumours using a biomarker driven adaptive enrichment clinical trials platform

Funding (excl. GST): $3,748,551

Total 2022 funding: $11,192,161.20