Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Full Committee dates:

Submission closing date 2021 Meeting date 2021
Monday 1st February  Wednesday 10th February
Monday 1st March Wednesday 10th March
Tuesday 6th April Wednesday 14th April
Monday 3rd May Wednesday 12th May
Monday 31st May Wednesday 9th June
Monday 5th July Wednesday 14th July
Monday 2nd August Wednesday 11th August
Monday 30th August Wednesday 8th September
Tuesday 5th October Wednesday 13th October
Monday 1st November Wednesday 10th November
Monday 29th November Wednesday 8th December

Executive Committee dates:

The Executive Committee meet each Wednesday sans the week of the Full Committee meeting. Please ensure that all requests are submitted via REGIS by 5pm on the Monday. We are unable to review requests that are not submitted via REGIS.