We invest in our people

The Cancer Institute NSW offers staff a wide variety of courses and development opportunities to equip them to perform at their very best, including:

  • Leadership training and workshops for current and potential leaders.
  • Support attending courses and conferences that will assist with professional development.
  • Career opportunities and internal progression and promotion including regular opportunities to act in higher roles to develop skills and experience.
  • Comprehensive orientation for new employees and access to e-learning tools to facilitate ongoing learning and development.

There is an an organisation-wide annual Performance Development Process (PDP) designed to provide development opportunities and a high performance work culture.

The PDP allows managers and employees to establish clear performance objectives and engage in open and transparent feedback through regular one-on-one meetings.

We are committed to ensuring that our people have the opportunities to achieve their personal and professional potential and continue to deliver key outcomes of the NSW Cancer Plan.

The Institute believes that the development of our people is a joint responsibility shared by individual employees, managers and supervisors.