Who we are

The Cancer Institute NSW is a state government agency, established in 2003 and now operates as a Pillar of NSW Health.  Our Strategic Mission - to lessen the impact of cancer across the state.  Our People and Cultural  mission to be an Employer of Choice.

The Cancer Institute NSW Act 2003 governs our core organisational objectives as follows: 

  • Reduce the incidence of cancer in the community.
  • Increase the survival rate of people with cancer.
  • Improve the quality of life for people with cancer and their carers.

The NSW Cancer Plan sets out a coordinated and collaborative approach to cancer control. It is the fourth cancer plan for NSW and builds on the success of previous plans with the aim of lessening the burden of cancer in NSW. It reflects an integrated and collaborative approach to reducing the burden of cancers in NSW.

This plan has been specifically developed as a whole of government and non-government statewide plan. It provides the opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones to work together to lessen the impacts of cancers.

Throughout the actions of the NSW Cancer Plan, there is an explicit focus on improving cancer outcomes across the state and lessening the gap for groups within the community who currently experience poorer cancer outcomes.

Goals of the NSW Cancer Plan

The goals of the NSW Cancer Plan reflect the Cancer Institute (NSW) Act 2003:

  • Goal 1: To reduce the incidence of cancer
  • Goal 2: To increase the survival of people with cancer
  • Goal 3: To improve the quality of life of people with cancer

Evaluation and Performance

To measure progress made during the implementation of the NSW Cancer Plan, it will be regularly monitored and evaluated. A key part of how this will be done is through the Cancer Plan Performance Index. This uses a number of measures to indicate progress against the objectives we are working towards.

The indicators are reported on annually to show how the Institute is achieving its targets between now and 2020. This index will be updated as new research and information becomes available to better measure outcomes