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Equal opportunity employer

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to equal employment opportunities (EEO) and the recruitment and selection of staff based on merit.

Key achievements for the Institute are:

  • 78% of our workforce are female (excluding Executive)
  • 72% of our Executive Team are female.

Staff demographics

The estimated figures are calculated through staff surveys. Data collected matches the number of employees responding ‘yes’ to the EEO category against the total number of employees who have responded to the EEO survey. This is multiplied by the total amount of employees on the salary band.

Respondents are defined as employees who have provided an answer for any of the EEO questions.

The Institute's Executive team are not included in this report.

Multicultural programs and initiatives

The Cancer Institute NSW is dedicated to improving the health of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Internally, the Institute has developed a number of initiatives and programs focused on supporting multiculturalism.

These initiatives were implemented during 2014–to2015:

  • Development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to build strong relationships and enhanced respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.
  • Staff surveys to determine the key focus area of the RAP. 
  • Establishment of a mentoring program for Aboriginal employees.
  • Every recruited position given consideration to whether it would benefit from being an identified position (incumbent must identify in the Aboriginal community as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent).

Work health and safety

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to a workplace that is safe for its employees and visitors.

These initiatives and statistics were implemented during 2014–to2015:

  • Installed a stand-up workstation in one of the meeting rooms to allow staff to trial as an alternative workstation or to hold meetings.
  • The Institute had zero workplace injuries that resulted in any time off work.
  • The Work Health and Safety Committee continues to meet quarterly to discuss new ideas to make the workplace safer.

Environmental sustainability

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to reducing the impact our workplace has on our environment.

These initiatives were implemented during 2014–to2015:

  • The default settings on the printers were changed to print double-sided to reduce the usage of paper and toner.
  • Posters were put above the printers to inform staff on the cost and time to print in black and white versus colour.