Winner of the Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow – Early Career Fellow

Join us in celebrating A/Prof Anthony Glover, the winner of the 2022 NSW Premier's Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow - Early Career Fellow.

Winner of the Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow – Early Career Fellow

Associate Professor Anthony Glover is an Endocrine and General Surgeon specialising in the treatment of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal disease. He has clinical practices at Royal North Shore Hospital and St Vincent's Clinic.

Associate Professor Anthony Glover’s award recognises his lead role in The Garvan Endocrine Cancer Research Program, funded through his Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellowship. 

High-risk endocrine cancers arise from the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands leading to more than 200 Australian deaths per year.

Innovation using genomics to improve outcomes from rare but deadly cancers

The Endocrine Cancer Research Program aims to improve understanding of thyroid and adrenal cancers by using genomics to understand how genetic code changes in cancer influence cancer spread and response to treatment.

Results from the genetic sequencing will be used to develop new trials of cancer medicines with the aim of improving outcomes from these rare but deadly cancers.

Dr Glover’s vision is to use discoveries from the lab and clinic to develop new treatment pathways that improve outcomes of endocrine cancer and tumours, and reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare for people with these diseases.

We congratulate Associate Professor Anthony Glover for his positive impact in helping to improve outcomes for people with cancer.

Winner of the Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow – Early Career Fellow

More information about the award

The Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow Awards are presented to two individuals (an early career fellow and a career development fellow) who have demonstrated exceptional research progress over the previous year. The Outstanding Cancer Research Fellows are assessed by a review of the annual progress reports and final reports as submitted in the last year. The shortlisted Fellows are assessed by an independent, external Review Committee of the Cancer Institute NSW.

The successful award recipients each receive a prize of $10,000 towards their research endeavours, and a commemorative award.