World Cancer Day 2016

Planning for the future

This World Cancer Day, as we enter 2016, we’re getting ready to welcome the next five-year Cancer Plan for New South Wales.

Being released later this year, the Cancer Plan NSW 2016– to 2020 is the new statewide plan to lessen the impacts of cancers.

In the theme of #WeCanICan it will be about collaboration, bringing together government, health professionals and the NSW community to help people with cancer.

Investment in prevention, early detection, research infrastructure and data will be major elements of this Cancer Plan, together with making multidisciplinary teams a central part of the cancer discussion.

Talking Hands

This World Cancer Day, staff across the Cancer Institute NSW put their hands up and their heads together to help lessen the impact of cancer across the community.

They made the pledge to help people with cancer in NSW, showing their support through messages on their hands.

People brought their experiences together on World Cancer Day, sharing everything from personal stories, to supportive messages, to active work.

These went out across social media, showing that everyone can do something to change the life of a person with cancer, whether big or small.

Looking back, going forward

Looking to the past, it’s promising to see how far we’ve come in treating, detecting and reducing cancers worldwide.

From the first ever Pap test, to plain-packaging of cigarettes in Australia, see what has developed over almost 150 years.

What will be next?

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