World Cancer Day 2017

On 4 February, 2017, the Cancer Institute NSW said “We Can. I Can” end cancers as we know them.

World Cancer Day is a global event aiming to save millions of preventable deaths each year through awareness and education about the disease.

Over the next five years over 80,000 people will die from cancer in NSW, and this year’s theme highlighted how everyone can do their part to reduce the burden of cancer.

No matter who you are, everyone was encouraged to share a message on Saturday, 4 February, using #WeCanICan and #WorldCancerDay across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, what’s your vision?

We can...

This World Cancer Day, we can all come together to make a difference for people with cancer.

I can...

This World Cancer Day, there are small changes individuals can make to live a healthier life and reduce their cancer risk.

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