World Cancer Day 2022

On World Cancer Day 2022, we joined in on the commitment to 'Close the Care Gap' and improving cancer outcomes in key communities across NSW.

When it comes to creating a healthier and brighter future without cancer, together all our actions matter.

The theme of 2022 World Cancer Day is 'Close the Care Gap'.  It is a reminder that cancer doesn’t impact everyone equally.

Unfortunately, there are some people, and some communities who face worse cancer outcomes in NSW. These can include Aboriginal, multicultural, LGBTQ, and regional, rural and remote communities.

For this World Cancer Day and beyond, the Cancer Institute NSW focussed on addressing this, as well as helping individuals play their part and find help information, resources and services.


A group of women sitting at a park in sun protection gear talking with one another

Helping more people find the right information

Learning about cancer can be daunting – whether you need information for yourself, or you want to support a loved one.

The majority of adults in NSW do not feel they have a good understanding of how to find cancer early, identify cancer risk factors, or find information on cancer treatments and survival rates.

We are encouraging everyone to make sure they are getting the right information, and we are working to make it open and accessible to more people. This includes online information available now:


A woman and child playing in the playground in sun protection

Making healthy actions accessible for everyone

There are resources such as cancer screening programs that can help find cancer early, or even prevent it.

Screening programs offer free tests that detect cancers in the early stages. They are available for:

It's important for everyone to take part, but we know some communities can face barriers to participation. This can include multicultural, Aboriginal and LGBTQ communities in NSW.

We are committed to increasing cancer screening in key communities.

  • Can We is a new campaign and online resource from ACON to encourage and support LGBTQ communities in NSW


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Support for everyone impacted by cancer

It is important that anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis has all the information they need.

In 2023 a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. In fact in NSW today, cancer survival is now higher than ever while mortality rates continue to fall.

But many people might be unaware of the treatments and care that exist, or even how to navigate the health system together with the many services and supports that exist.

The Patient Information online portal is a new resource for people affected by cancer, whether as patients, carers, colleagues, family or friends, to:

  • Find the right information about cancer
  • Understand information about cancer
  • Relate to information about cancer

Quickly find information about cancer diagnosiscancer treatmentcancer support and services, and more – all relevant to a specific cancer type.