Focus areas

The NSW Cancer Plan will focus on Aboriginal and multicultural communities, specific cancers and key healthcare systems.

Although the burden of cancer is shared by all, the distribution of its impact is not equal.

Focus areas

The NSW Cancer Plan improves cancer outcomes across NSW, but also recognises that there are certain people, cancer types and health care systems that require increased or tailored strategies to improve outcomes.

Two target communities

Specific actions have been developed and implemented to reduce the impact cancers have on these communities.

Aboriginal peoples currently experience a disproportionate burden of disease

This measures the impact of disease on a population and is based on the years of healthy life lost through either premature death or through living with ill health and poorer cancer outcomes than non-Aboriginal peoples. People from multicultural communities also experience a disproportionate burden of disease to the broader population of NSW.

Three target cancers

These cancers have a considerable impact on the community, and increasing awareness, ensuring earlier assessment and improving treatment pathways will make a substantial difference to cancer outcomes.

Two key healthcare systems

The primary health care system, primarily through general practice, is the first point of contact with the health system. It works with the hospitals and specialists where health practitioners diagnose, treat and care for people affected by cancer. These health care providers and the community sector all care for people affected by cancer in NSW.

Patient-centred quality cancer health care is the service delivery system in which health practitioners diagnose, treat and care for people affected by cancer.