Reducing tobacco use

quit smoking iconSmoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in NSW, and is the biggest contributing risk factor to cancer.

The NSW Cancer Plan implements activities to prevent and reduce smoking, and to support smokers to quit smoking, such as: 

  • implementing a statewide tobacco control strategy
  • delivering public education campaigns 
  • providing the Quitline NSW and iCanQuit services
  • encouraging smoking cessation through clinical and community services.

NSW Cancer Plan actions

  • Implementing and evaluating the NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012–2017.
  • Implementing and evaluating social marketing programs aimed at people who smoke or have recently quit.
  • Delivering evidence-based, effective and efficient Quitline NSW and iCanQuit services.
  • Embedding brief interventions for smoking cessation in clinical care and community settings.
  • Generating and using new evidence to inform strategic planning, and developing and implementing tobacco control policies, projects and services.

The indicators below are used to track and report on the progress of this objective

  • Smoking prevalence in adults
  • Smoking in young people
  • Smoking prevalence in Aboriginal adults